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The Dream he made come true

             When i was a little girl,i dreamed , as most girls do , of falling in love and getting married to the perfect man.Over time i grew up and realized that there never will be the 'perfect'man, but that i still could find one that would treat me with respect.Then one day as i was walking , I met Angel,the most special person there would ever be in my life.
             One day while at school,i took a stroll through the schoolyard.I came across some new people I knew,talked to them , and moved on. I had other things on my mind that day .Then i saw Angel. Angel was everything i was looking for in a man. He was gorgeous with his beautiful tanned skin, and big brown eyes.His build was medium,big broad shoulders,a tight stomach and he had big muscles.The next few months we starting spending lots of time together.We even had lunch together at the same table everyday.He met my parents one day and thats when i new he was my soulmate, my Destiny.
             Everyday our adoration for each other grew stronger and more intense.One of the best times i can remember is prom.Prom was awesome and i was tickled to be going.Angel showed up to my house in a white strech limousine.Next,we went to harrigans to eat dinner, which was excellent.Then off to the prom, the theme was "A night to remember" and belive me that was a night I'll always remember.
             Love is great!I'm so glad i finally know what its like to be loved.One night when i wasn't expecting it He asked me to be his wife,i said yes.Everytime i see him my heart skips a beat.Angel just knows what to do to bring a smile to my face.
             We are so excited because its time to plan the wedding.We've decided to use blue and pink as the main colors in our wedding.I've always liked these colors because the remind me of the true essence of love and happiness.We began wedding rehearsel last month , don't want to mess up the big day.I can't wait to be Miss Ladonna Venegas.