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Violent Crime

             Throughout history minorities as well as the poor have been scapegoats for many of societies problems. They have been labeled as lazy, without the opportunity of employment, weak-minded; without the opportunity of being heard in society, and as statistics show are, primarily violent crime offenders. Violent crimes include murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery none of which I will argue are moral. However is it moral, in a society like ours to place people, due to race or economic status, in a position where they have little or no resources available to them. Being placed at the bottom of society with no chance for upward social mobility, can also be considered a violent crime, right? Of course, because violence is primarily caused by the impoverished and if there are not many opportunities for advancement available to the lower class, poverty and the lifestyle that goes along with it is all they will know. The rich and middle class have no reason to commit robbery, they are active and respected members of society. Why is the death penalty, simply put murder, not considered violent? Because the government and society, at least mainstream society are in favor of it. There is no discrimination against minorities and the poor when they are sent to murder when it is labeled war. .
             Violent crime will not stop until the roots of the problem are addressed such as drug abuse, joblessness, and rehabilitating criminals, especially juveniles. Until mainstream society gets over the issues of fear, anger, and disapproval they have of people of color and the poor both non-violent and violent crimes will exist.