Artemesia Gentileski

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An impassioned artist, Artemisia was born in Rome at the end of the cinquecento. Eldest daughter of the painter Orazio Gentileschi, Artemisia became one of the most accomplished followers of Caravaggio. She had been exposed to art at an early age and it was her father who provided and supported her artistic development. When further instruction was required for the study of perspective, a private tutor, Agostino Tassi was hired.

Although her painting of Susanna and The Elders (1610) displays a decidedly feminine point of view, Artemisia is best known for her dark scenes of graphic violence. Feminist art historians have pointed out that perhaps these depictions of violence express violence which had been imposed upon the artist. This connection is linked to the fact that at 19 years of age, Artemisia was allegedly raped by her instructor, Tassi. The trial which resulted was quite sensational and did more harm to Art

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