How to Dance the Tinikling

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Introduction: Explaining the famous, yet complex dance, otherwise known as the tinikling, is almost as difficult as finding one's way around in the dark. In both cases, although the task is quite challenging, they both eventually can be completed with hard work and patience.

 Two, traditional bamboo poles, each 8 feet long

 Two slabs of wood, each with measurements of approximately 20 x5 x2 

 Two tappers: people with coordinated arms who control the movements of the bamboo poles.

 At least one dancer: people or person with well-working, coordinated legs (male or female) who "weaves  through the bamboo poles

 Both tappers and dancers must have some experience in rhythm and "staying with the beat 

 Appropriate Filipino costumes and cultural music (optional)

A. Lay the two bamboo poles parallel to each other on the ground so that they are completely touching.

B. Lift up both bamboo poles on the same side enough to place one of the wooden slabs directly underneath the raised ends.

C. Lower the raised ends of the poles until they rest on the wooden slab with only

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