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            Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
             Allan is hyperactive, fidgety and very restless. He will not listen, is easily distracted, cannot finish a task before he is on to something else and cannot wait his turn in-group activities. Three years ago, my ten-year-old nephew, Allan was diagnosed with ADHD and he is the perfect example for my first topic.
             Allan is a difficult child to be around because of his disorder. If we tell Allan to do something he will respectively say, “Yes mam” or “yes sir” but less than two minutes later he will have forgotten to do it. Another example is that when Allan is trying to do his homework he will work on it for about three minutes, then get up, and go outside to play. It takes him anywhere from four to six hours to do his homework. .
             Allan tends to do things without considering the consequences. For example, I caught him walking on the top of my fence as if it were a balance beam. He never considered the fact that the spikes on the top of the fence could have cut him badly if he had fallen. Another example of his impulsivity was at a cookout at my family’s home. Allan was eating a hamburger and with his mouth full, he says to the cook, “You sure do know how to burn all this food.” Allan does not have many friends, not many children want to play with him, and he does not understand why.
             Allan is on Ritalin and it seems to work very well for him. Whenever Allan takes his medication consistently, his grades improve and he is not as hyperactive. Overall, Allan is a better child and more tolerable to be around. This leads me to my second topic, parenting styles.
             Parenting Styles.
             My sister in law Lee is Allan’s mother. Lee would be classified as being an authoritarian parent. Lee is a restrictive parent and she enforces many rules. She is controlling, demanding and unresponsive to her children’s feelings. She expects her children to do everything that she tells them to do whenever she tells them to do it and if they question her, they will be slapped in the mouth and restricted for a week.