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            In the eralier days, most of the education was on the basis of segregaqted schools. Nowadays, this is mostly visible in the eastern culture. However as time is passing, co-education is becoming more known and acknowledged.
             The boys and girls can mix and interact with each opther at an ealier age. This may prepare them for the future as each of them would have to face interaction with the opposite sex in university and later in the commitment of marriage.
             A.W Buffery, a sociologist, stated that the left hemisphere of a girls's brain is better developed at the age of two in fields such as verbal finesse. he commented, that on the other hand a boy's brain is better developed and therefore he is better in subjects such as math, physics, etc. This study proves that if both sexes study together they may be exposed to alll aspects instead of recieving education in only what they are good at. Co-education helps to enhance competition and provide a basis of equality between men and women.
             Co-education helps to eradicate the stereotypes that have been drilled in to the young children's minds. Co-education makes way for development of charachter. .
             The oppostion to co-education is mroe opr less based on the physical differences between girils and boys.
             Many people are aganist stereotypes because they feel that women do not need to be educated along the lines of a professional, but only till secondary or high school.
             Both genders are exposed to each other and this creates wandering minds and neglection to studies. They are even exposed to early romances, etc.
             In conclusion, I feel that co-education is very important. .