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What Is Stereotyping?

             Walking down the street, do you ever look at someone and think to yourself, “Look at that weirdo”, or, “What planet did she come from?”. You know you do it, but now that you realize it, it’s called stereotyping. The fact that someone identified it and made a word for it is quite remarkable. When you stereotype you make common misconceptions based on that persons looks, acts, or what others judgments of them are. Basically, judgments without confirmed information. Evidence of stereotyping is displayed throughout history, notably in the Civil Rights movement, To Kill A Mockingbird, and my life. Like life, stereotyping with survive in us but like soul.it will never be abolished completely. Our opinions get the best of us. Only a few noble people lead us in a rebellion against our own society.
             In To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson died not because of the truth, but because of the judgment of African-American people. Tom was killed when he ran away from prison. He wasn’t not shot once, but shot seventeen times, obviously not necessary. In the trial, as Atticus put it, “’Tom Robinson’s a colored man.No jury [is].going to say, “We think your guilty, but not really”. It was either straight acquittal or nothing’”(Lee, pg. 219). Everyone knew he was guilty but the racist, white man jury couldn’t be fair in “The Secret Courts of Men’s Hearts”. Jem even cried. The whole court could tell that the evidence didn’t point towards Tom but because of their stereotyping, that all black men were guilty, they convicted him. Tom knew he would be sentenced to death so he ran; if he was going to die might as well give escaping a try. We now know that that was a lost cause, a waste of a good life. Without knowing it, the jury stereotyped Tom and he was put in prison, eventually being killed.