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Education is Important in life

It is important to be an educated person in order for you to succeed in the 21st century. "Work smarter not harder  is a quote that everyone should follow if you want a good life style, earn more money, and work less harder. Education is the path to go.

In these times, being an educated person is really important because if people don't educate themselves no one can succeed in life. People end up dropping school and working in the fields or construction and working ten to twelve hours a day. If you really care about your future you need to start looking into education and start attending college. Study and many opportunities will come to you. Working less hours and earning more money are some of the opportunities that you can open up for yourself you if you follow a career in business administration, accounting, teacher, etc. A better life means no pressure economically because you would be earning more money which means better cars, house clothing and other accessories. Another advantage of education is that you will learn more about life doesn't equal technology since nowadays technology is taking over. Don't stay in the past and work with technology, learn computer skills because they will be very useful because nowadays in jobs it is very good to know how to handle a computer. Education also gives you knowledge: by simply reading a book, newspaper, magazine, or by studying any subject you can learn a lot.

I look up to my cousin because she was going to school full time and working part time. She was always doing her homework and on her spare time she would read books. She struggled a lot while going to school and working. The things that she wanted were not easy to get. Now that she graduated from Cal State Long Beach, she has a full time job earning good money and she just bought her self a new car and is living the life style that she likes. That's why

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