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Illegal Street Racing

            Illegal Street Racing is one of the hobbies that like most of the younger guys. These races are illegal because people prepare their cars with illegal systems. These is illegal because its cost the life of the people. That why there are many sponsors that makes auto parts for these races. Most of this parts are illegal. Some examples of parts that are illegal: the nitrous system, the alternate muffler and other parts. Here at Puerto Rico we can rich many our talents in the cars. Now see some pictures of prepare cars that are use in the illegally.
             The illegal street race are with street cars, they are prepare with systems on the engine and had modification. The races are in a specific point, like gas station, parking malls and some fast foods.
             These street races are illegal that the runners, running on the public ways. They can cause an accident and crash themselves. .
             The people that practice these race eventually are young guys. These peoples go to cars clubs and race with other cars clubs. These race are practice in the weekend and some week days like: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at midnight. Sometimes the cops makes tickets to the runners for practice illegally races. The tickets are from $25.00 for see the race and to $500.00 for racing on the public ways. .
             Street Racing has become a very popular thing today. I think that .
             street racing is bad, because.
             it can have lot of consequences. It can cause a .
             lot of accidents and the lost of lives. I love street racing and .
             nobody is going .
             to change that, but I don’t recommend anyone to do it. Another.
             thing is .
             that there is not enough racetracks and they have a lot .
             of restrictions, that’s.
             why a lot of people do street racing. I have do street racing .
             and I have fun, but is very dangerous. .
             It’s very dangerous, because you don’t how if the car.
             is going to fail, you fail, if there’s innocent .
             people that can be hurt or if you found cops.