Recent Problems in Zimbabwe

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In recent years, Zimbabwe has faced many internal problems dealing with social, political, and economical aspects of their country. Energy has not been as efficient as it should be, and land problems have lead to disorder between the different races. There has been much controversy over President Mugabe and his beliefs and practices. Millions of social workers from Zimbabwe have been taken to the UK due to social problems. These social, political, and economic difficulties facing Zimbabwe today are causing much inner turmoil.

In Zimbabwe, almost everything is solar powered. There are now many companies producing solar-driven appliances like stoves, domestic lights, and street lights. Solar Lighting and Appliance Company, a local native company, has of recently come up with solar lighting for streets. This new technology allows solar energy to be used in street lighting, parking bays, and market places, among others. These solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminated pollution. This would mean there would be no power bills to be paid at the end of the month. In rural areas, besides being environmentally friendly, solar energy helps in the conservation of firewood as a source of energy. This may seem like the answ

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