Rizal Without Overcoat

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In this somewhat interesting book entitled "Rizal Without Overcoat , Ambeth Ocampo present his ideas and insights in a different manner, in a sense that it is laid in a series of essays and somewhat presented in a narrative way with a simple twist of humour. In this book, Ocampo vigorously argues and sought to narrate on some lapses, mistakes and faults of some historians about the life of our National Hero “ Dr. Jose Rizal. The book also offers new insights and data on Rizal through photographs, correspondences, lists, and other miscellany obtained from his meticulous researches.

The book tackles different aspects in the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. It talks about his family, his relatives, education, love life, travels, works, controversies and much more issues about him. Some of the fascinating stories in the book include our hero's character as being curious and inquisitive, that he developed a rare facility of mastering varied subjects and occupations. His friendliness, goodwill and cultural associations with friends (like Blumentritt) entitled him as one. He made researches on the physical and social aspect of man which he tries to take an illegal drugs to understand how it feels. Rizal always practiced sel

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