Beautiful places in Malaysia

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It is traditionally believed that Malaysia began with the founding of Malacca by a Sumatran prince named Parameswara. The state flourished under the Malacca Sultanate and attracted traders from China, India, Arabia and Europe. Malacca came under successive colonial eras when it was conquered by the Portuguese, followed by Dutch and British. These colonial powers left many beautiful buildings in Malacca. One of the magnificent buildings is the red-coloured Stadthuys (Statehouse). It is situated in the center of Malacca Town and is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East. Stadthuys was built in 1650 as the official residence of the Dutch Governors and its officers. It is a fine example of Dutch architectural and woodwork skills. Today, it houses the Museum of Malacca, displaying artifacts such as traditional bridal costumes and authentic relics from Malacca's glorious past. The nearby Malacca Clock Tower and fountain that was dedicated to Queen Victoria Regina in 1904 are popular for photog

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