A View of Sports

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What are sports? They basically consist of doing some physical activity that is completely useless except for increasing strength and providing "fun." While I consider the former to be the major (if not only) real value of sports, the latter is, once thought about psychologically, quite sad.

As I said, sports increase strength (duh), and that was pretty much the purpose of them to begin with (in conjunction w/ "fun," which I shall get to later.) This actually has positive real-life side effects, like increased life-span, being able to work longer, etc. I must emphasize that, since this is the only real way to build strength (unless..I dunno...you take fun in lifting heavy boxes and carrying them around to increase strength, still branching off of weightlifting...), this is a very important aspect of sports. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by the many other aspects of sports that I shall proceed to mention.

It's where the "fun" factor comes in that really disgusts me. I don't want to sound preachy or anything, but I'm sure most people would agree with me in saying Epicurus had human psychology more or less correct: that humans seek pleasure and avoid pain. While this isn't entirely true, most painful actions are done with a pl

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