Mercedez Benz by Rosario Ferre

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Mercedes Benz 220 SL by Rosario Ferre is a short story about self involved parents, Ellie and Ralph, and their son Fernando and his wife Maria. Ralph and Ellie go for a ride in their Mercedes a Sunday morning with a heavy downpour of rain going on. Ralph was going pretty fast, about 90m/h, and hits a man. A woman comes and tends to the man, but they don't get out of their cars. Ralph writes "Contact us if we can be of help  and their address on a note and leaves. The lady goes to their house a few days later and is greeted by Ellie. Ralph was at work. The lady tells her that the man is dead and she had buried him, then she leaves. What Ellie and Ralph don't know is that the dead man is their son Fernando and the woman is his wife.

This story was very shocking and disturbing. At first I didn't

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