Nike’s Ethical Third-World Brutality

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I am here today to write a long paper about the horrible way children overseas are being treated. The Nike Corporation is one of many companies that implement this into their workforce. It disgusts me greatly to read the many different articles on how children are handled like slaves. I really feel it is needed for me to write a letter to Phil Knight, the owner of Nike, and tell him how I feel about these children. He claims that actions are being put in place to change the way their products are being made. This billionaire is obviously lying because of the many oversea confessions. These "sweatshop workers  say how cruel and totally unfair Nike is with their labor force.

In the United States things with Nike may seem just great. I for example, have many Nike shoes and equipment and it is very easy to purchase, as well as a very good product. The awful thing is that it is children in factory's slaving away for many long hours a day to achieve this good quality. These children put in more hours in a day than most adults do in two. Many would argue they even work harder, but for way less pay. These children create the Nike logos and clothing yet do not make enough in a year to even buy one outfit that th

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