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Differences Between Speech & Writing

˜The basic distinction between speech and writing is obvious. Speech uses the transmitting medium of ˜phonic substance' typically air pressured movements produced by vocal organs. Writing uses graphic substance, typically marks on a surface made by hand using an implement.'

Speech is a very spontaneous medium which wouldn't be very suited for two people having a conversation, speech is transient and time bound which basically means that when someone speaks to you, it doesn't really stay in your memory for that long which gives it a disadvantage. One of the advantages of speech is that it is much more personal than writing and this is the reason people don't have conversations with each other via letters. Methods that aid speech are body language, gesture and facial expressions and people use these modes without even realising.

If you think about history, spoken language came long before written language came and this is even true up to this day, nearly all children learn how to speak before they learn how to write, infact speech is the only form of communication that some people can use because they haven't learnt how to read and write, as countries around the world have a spoken language but the language has no written form so again this supports my argument that speech is and will always be more popular than writing. Another advantage of speech is the fact that you can be very persuasive, repetition, overlapping, volume, pace, tone, colloquial language are all forms and techniques of persuasive language and these can be very helpful where you have jobs where you are trying to sell something, e.g. salesman, presenter of a holiday or shopping channel.

Although speech retains functions writing will never be able to fulfil such as quick direct communication with immediate feedback, writing still has and a

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