Ha Penny

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"Ha'penny, a short story written by Alan Paton, is about a young orphan who wants to be taken in by a family. Ha'penny is a believable character and is characterized directly by his background and indirectly by his actions and motivation.

Ha'penny is a mosuto, which is a member of the Black South African people. He comes from Bloemfontan and twelve years old. He is naughty and uncontrollable but also clever. He lives in a reformatory with six hundred other boys. He is believed to have a "mother [who works] in a white persons house and he [has] two brothers and two sisters , however, he was "with no relatives at all  (411). Although, he told others he had a family, he had made it all up. "Taken from on home to another,  he was really never taken in and never had a steady life (411). He always had different changes and experiences. Having been raised without th

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