How Information Technology Has Changed My Life

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Information Technology has emerged as a scientific discipline out of research & development activities in the fields of technology, data base technology, software technology, video technology and communication technology, and is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.

It is mostly exciting to communicate with people on the far corners of the globe very quickly and cheaply and occasionally.

Now, in a span of a few years, we have developed so many telecommunications devices, using such advanced and complex technology. Some excellent examples are fax, which helps us to send documents and letters across the world in mere seconds.

A relative new comer on the block is the Internet. Two 'parts' of the Internet, E-mail and IRC have become a part of my daily routine.

Email or electronic mail is the new, sleek and fast version of Real-Mail. It is extremely fast, reliable and secure.

Internet Relay Chat, which is a more active form of communication is also an indispensable part of my life.

I am now in touch with lot of my kith and kin on a daily basis, which was not possible earlier. I have forged and maintained many a friendships and relationships onl

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