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The development of experience marketing as a postmodern business trend in the service society

The experience marketing is an overwhelming trend as a postmodern business in the service society. The customer will encounter the experience economy wherever they consume. To go the cinema, you will ¡ §experience ¡ the fantasy movie; to spend the dinner in the restaurant, you will ¡ §experience" the delicious food and the impeccable environment; to go shopping, and you will experience the buying pleasure. ¡ Wherever you look, whatever you buy, the experience industry is present ¡ . It is indeed existed.

The experience marketing as new kind of marketing has already entered into our daily life. According to O ¡ ¦Sullivan, Experience Marketing-Strategies for the New Millenium, Nowadays, the companies not only sell the goods and the service to their clients, they sell the experience as well. The consumers not only need the ¡ §tangible benefit ¡ , but also they want the ¡ §inner needs ¡ . Also the providers are no longer themselves, they become into the ¡ §infusers ¡ , ¡ §enhangcers ¡ and ¡ maker ¡ . Moreover, there has new 4ps for the experienc

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