Career Goals in Criminal Justice

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I hope to pursue a career in criminal justice, specifically working with children and teenagers. My aunt has worked with children in residential treatment and juvenile justice institutions and I have admired her commitment and passion for her work. I understand that the work can be very demanding and that there may not be many success stories, but I feel that I have the personal characteristics to be successful in the field. My own family has been very supportive of me and has provided me with opportunities that most children do not have. I am eager to enter a criminal justice academic program and to experience internships and volunteer opportunities in a setting where services are provided to at-risk youth.

Like many teenage girls, I started my work experience babysitting in my community, I found that I enjoyed working with children and they seemed to enjoy having me take care of them. I am patient and can relate to them at there level. I am also able to set clear rules for them and say "no  when I know that it is necessary. In my experiences at summer camps as a field hockey coach I saw how important it was to try to find a teac

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