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I firmly believe that if you have never owned a parrot, you are missing out on a very incredible pet. I have two parrots, one is Carly, a Blue Crown Conure, and the other is Gracie, a Congo African Grey. Gracie is new to our family, we've had her about 1 month now. She's almost 4 months old, and has settled into our home quite happily it seems. Carly is the queen of our flock, and she's not about to let us forget it either! Carly is one year old now, and she says a few words, although now that Gracie has moved in, Carly is talking much more. I think she's decided she's not about to be out done by an African Grey!

Blue Crown Conures (Aratinga acuticaudata) are in the Artinga family of Conures. Other common names are the Sharp Tailed Conure or the Blue Headed Conure. There are 2 other sub-species; Aratinga haemorrhous and Aratinga neumanni.

The natural range of Blue Crown Conures extends to several countries in South America that include: Columbia, eastern and south west Brazil, Venezuela, northern Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. In their native habitat Blue Crown's have been known to allow humans to get quite close. Life expectancy is approximat

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