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             Curiosity simply means a wish to know. When a person is curious about anything, it means he is interested in it. Thus, there is nothing wrong for being curious. Whether it is a good or a bad thing ,but depends on what people are curious about.
             Curiosity is often silly, and sometimes it is wrong. In villages and small towns, there is generally a great deal of foolish curiosity. People are keen on spying on what their neighbors do. They want to know what the others eat, how much money they earn, why that woman has got a new dress, why another does not want to get married, how Mr.Smith lost his cow, why Mary went home too late that night ┬ŽSuch curiosity is silly because these things themselves are so trivial. Also, it is no business of theirs to find out what their neighbors do. It would be better if they minded their own business, and left their neighbors alone.
             Such curiosity is not only foolish, but it sometimes makes mischief. Because it generally leads to gossip, and idle gossip often gives rise to lies and scandal, people like to overstate and make it worse, and hurt innocent people.
             All children are curious, and their curiosity is a good thing. When a child begins to notice things, he wants to know what they are and what they mean. So he is always asking questions. He is always saying: What ? Why ? How ? When ? ,and no doubt, it is more useful and necessary for a child to know what is going on around him than the neighbors do. Parents or grown-up people should always be patient with such curious children, and try to answer their questions.
             And there is a noble curiosity - the curiosity of wise men who wonder for all the great things God has made, and try to find out all they can understand about them. Columbus could never have found America if he had not been curious to find new lands. James Watt would not have made the steam engine if he had not been curious about the raising of the kettle lid. All the disc

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