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What Makes a Woman Unique?”

"Unlike any other  is what defines the word unique. Everything is unique, you

may not see it, but if you look close enough you will find a unique quality in

even the smallest of things and the most delicate. As an engineer, I look to

build a unique building, as an archeologist, I look for a unique rock, and as a

man I look for a unique woman. But you ask " What makes a woman unique ? It

could be the way she carries herself, it could be her style, the way she looks,

what she does, the way she loves. Unique is defined differently by many, and

One attribute that makes a woman unique is the way she carries herself. A

unique woman carries herself appropriate at the appropriate and the

inappropriate times. When it is time to do business, she is businesslike and

when it is time for leisure she is spirited. She is very independent, but is

not afraid to ask for assistance. She knows she is not perfect, and accepts

failure, not as losing but as a way of learning and she always has her head held

up high, even when times are at a all time low. From the way she talks, dresses

and walks. A unique woman not only looks fabulous but also is respectful. She

doesn't swear in every sentence she speaks, nor does she try to put others down,

but when the time comes, she can hold her own and get her point across at any

means necessary. That is a unique woman.

A unique woman is a problem solver. She has that other side of the story that

you never even thought about. She can talk you out of the dullest ideas and

lead you to the brightest of ones. She is the one whose advice you seek when

you need help on a very important decision. A unique woman encourages you to do

things you might not have considered doing. She is that woman that is there for

A unique woman can be defined by the way she loves. When I say love I mean

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