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Upon completion of high school, I decided to enroll in a certified nursing assistant course. After I finished the nursing assistant course, I began working at various nursing homes for short periods at a time. They all had unpleasant working environments and repulsive employees. I did not enjoy working in any of them. I had almost decided to give up on a career in the medical field when I read about a job opportunity at North Okaloosa Medical Center. I decided to try working at a hospital rather than a nursing home before I gave up on my career choice. After getting the job, I realized that this is where I wanted to be. Working at the hospital is an experience that has helped me to decide my future.

The gratitude that I received made me realize that the career I had chosen was right for me. When I began working at the hospital, I realized how much I enjoyed assisting people in their daily activities. I decided that I wanted to further my career in the medical field. Working at the hospital has given me many opportunities. I am able to learn how different medical equipment operates and how it helps determine the patient's status. I am also able to observe how various illnesses effect different patients, and how a variety if medicines are used to treat the patient and their illness. Although, I wanted to work in the medical field I was not sure what I wanted to become at that point.

After working at the hospital for a long time, I made a decision to become a doctor. Working at the hospital gives me the opportunity to watch physicians work one-on-one with patients. I am able to observe their bedside manners and watch as they perform various procedures. From watching physicians as they handle different situations, I am able to understand what my duties will be as a doctor. I want to maintain a pleasant attitude and have a professional demeanor.

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