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            I’m one of those so-called average angry white guys you’ve heard about whom the liberal mainstream news media have written off as not important. I’m also a member of the only group it’s safe to denounce as racist.
             Therefore, I felt it necessary to write an article on racism from the average angry white guy perspective.
             Back in 1964, the passage of the Civil Rights Act in America said simply that racism and discrimination based on skin color, ethnicity or religion were wrong. That’s common sense.
             Liberal maniacs, sensing their chance at gaining supremacy, twisted the Act to mean that discrimination is wrong, unless it’s directed at white males. Then it’s okay.
             The entire foundation of this unique proposal rests on the bedrock brilliant supposition that since white guys were traditionally the bad guys in the past, revenge on their descendants is a form of justice. In other words, two wrongs make a right. I’m to blame for what my grandfather supposedly did, or didn’t do.
             I’m on to you liberals out there. I know your game. You preach Rainbow Coalition and all this crap. It ain’t no rainbow baby!.
             Let’s get one thing straight. Wanting to think you’re better than somebody who looks different and acts different than you is not only as American as apple pie, but also a basic tenant of human nature. Everybody does it. I’m not saying it’s right. Legislators can’t legislate it away, even though they spend most of their time trying to control our lives.
             Unless I feel I belong to the most intelligent group in the country, how am I going to get through the day, face the endless bills in the mailbox, the dog who tore up my front yard, my wife’s difficult time of the month, my kid’s whining, and all the rest?.
             You’re blaming me for slavery and the KKK. But I didn’t do it. I don’t believe in collective guilt.