The Meaning Of Allegory of the Cave by Plato

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If someone is in the dark they do not know anything but the dark. The others in the dark will be their teachers. They will believe things to be true in a way that it really is not.

If a child grows up in a house of drug addicts, drugs would be all this knows. The child would be taught about the drugs from the addicts. This child would believe that using drugs was okay and become an addict them self.

The ones in the dark will only believe what they think the truth is. If one of them is let free and introduced to the actual truth the one free will have trouble accepting it. They will need time to handle the "light .

If the child gores away to school and attends a Drug Abuse Resistance Education program confusion would set in. All that was believed and taught to the child earlier would now be challenged. Not knowing what to truly believe, time would be needed for the truth to be accepted and set in gradually.

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