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After Twenty Years

Bob: ¦When you struck the match to light your cigar, I saw it was the face of the man wanted in Chicago.

Time can sometimes change a man into a bad one regardless of his environment.

˜After Twenty Years' by O. Henry, is a simple yet deep, meaningful short story. It's theme talks about how the lawless world sometimes in many ways runs away from judgment. It definitely isn't a short story about friendship. It is a story concerning the very big difference between good and evil, darkness and light.

A man named Bob had come a thousand miles to fill an appointment, with his old best bud Jimmy Wells, set twenty years ago at the same place at the same date and time. They were both raised in New York and they treated each other as if they are of the same blood. But at eighteen, Bob went to the West to gamble his fortune there. But sorry to say, he became a criminal. He turned out to be a wanted unlawful convict. On the other hand, Jimmy became a respected police officer. He is based mainly on the principles of the law. What happens when they meet together again?

The duty of a policeman is to maintain peace and order in the community. It is his responsibility to defend, secure, look after, support and perhaps uphold his designated area and its people against folks with malicious acts and wicked intentions. It is his obligation to arrest people who do not obey the law and are against it. Friends are not friends, families are not families, and relations are not relations. With the law, there is no mercy. Anyone who abides the law deserves a punishment. No one can run away from any punishment given even if he is a friend or his family.

Jimmy in ˜After Twenty Years', as a police officer, he had no choice but to arrest Bob. He may use other person to do the job, maybe because of his uncontainable sympathy for his friend, but still, the verdict is to be given. Considering the sudden chan

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