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The mixing of the sexes in education is natural preparation for the mixing which will take place later. It was formerly prevalent in Scotland, is in vogue in the United States of America, and has been adopted in several private and most State-aided schools in this country.

The feminine mind gains from association with boys and men, the masculine from association with girls and women. The character develops more rapidly and shyness diminishes. Competition is greater between the sexes than between rivals of the same sex, so that higher standards of achievement are reached.

The presence of both sexes together is a wholesome factor in institutions. In all communities where one sex is segregated, e.g., schools, colleges, monasteries, convents, etc., it is more likely that various evils will flourish; women tend to become hysterical, men to acquire unnatural vices, and the whole atmosphere is morbid. In colleges and universities, the presence of women raises the general tone both ethically and academically.

Marriages made after co-educational experience are best. If the man and woman have known each other as fellow-students, a surer basis is given for married life than that gained from purely social acquaintance. If they have mov

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