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How to Find True Love: Or Rather, How It Finds You

            How to Find True Love: Or Rather, How It Finds You.
             Lois Smith Brady, who writes about love and weddings for the New York Times, in .
             her article How to Find True Love: Or Rather How It Finds You, published by Printece .
             Hall in 2003, showed us that true love comes unexpectedly and you should just wait for it.
             Her experience of love began, when she was 12 years old. Usually, she was .
             waiting for a boy, who asked her for dance, during her Dancing class. Unfortunately, she .
             was last one. She thought that love belongs to only special girls. She worried about it. .
             Finally, she met Mat, who was handsome and a good storyteller. They spent time together .
             until the end of the school. She got a lesson that “ the potential of love exists in corners, .
             in the most unlikely as well as the most obvious places.” Sometimes her experience of .
             love looked likes tragicomic novel.
             When she moved in New York, she still looked for love. Her roommate was a cute .
             girl, who had a lot of boyfriend. At that time, she thought that “love was something behind .
             tinted window, part apparition, part shadow, definitely unreachable.” Suddenly, she got a .
             job of her dream. She started to write about love and weddings for a magazine. She could .
             make a research and find answers for her questions about real love. She interested “ How .
             do you know it’s love?” She asked this question many people. Finally, she found that real .
             love when you interest about everything about her or him and can talk whole day and don’t .
             worry about time. Next, she found that if you love someone you will do everything .
             for his happiness. .
             Lois Smith Brady became an expert on love when she started to write about love .
             and weddings for New York Times. She said, “ Love is plentiful as oxygen.” She was an .
             expert but didn’t meet her own true love yet. Many people asked her as an expert on love .