Irony and Paradox of Oedipus Rex

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In my study of the play "Oedipus Rex  I've learned a lot about the different angles and underlying messages an author might present to his audience in order to drive home a message or teach different lessons. In this essay I would like to examine, in small part, a classic Greek tragedy by Sophocles "Oedipus Rex . In particular I will discuss some of the more important elements of any great Greek Tragedy such as dramatic irony and paradox.

First, let us look at the main character Oedipus is he a good man? Aristotle says in his poetics that "the most effective tragedy will be about someone who is basically a good man brought low because we will care about what happens to him . (If a bad person has a bad end, not much pity is wasted on him, and the audience might not fear for him; [they might even cheer when he meets his demise.] Can a savior of a city be a hero if he has a quick temper and has pain inflicted on old men? So is Oedipus a good man, deserving of our pity, someone whom we dread to see damaged? In my estimation I be

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