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The Hoopster by Alan Sitomer

            The Hoopster, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer takes place in a modern day neighborhood, where everyone gets along no matter who you are. The main characters of this book are Andre Anderson a black teenager who wants to become a professional writer, Shawn a white teenager who is Andre’s best friend, Cedric Andre’s cousin, Pops Andre’s dad, Mr. Jarvin Andre’s boss, and Gwen Andre’s white girlfriend. Andre is a black teenager who loves to play basketball with his friends. He has a dream of becoming a great writer; therefore he works at Affairs Magazine. Mr. Jarvin finally gives Andre the chance to prove his writing skills by assigning him to write an article on racism. Andre believes that he cannot write about racism because he cannot relate to it, but he has no choice but to write the article. Throughout the book Andre suddenly is confronted by racist situations. Andre’s article is a success, but there are some racist who are upset with his article and viciously attack Andre. Now, everything he ever believed about the world had been called into question. Andre’s first hand experience with racism makes him aware of the fact that racism does affect his life, but it only makes him stronger.
             In the begging in of the book Andre believes that racism never has really affected him personally. Andre did not want to acknowledge that racism in fact did play a part in his life. Andre just probably had never experienced racism personally. Andre goes to a magic show with Gwen, a white girl. To Andre the night was perfect nothing had gone wrong, but at that same time there was a racist remark made towards his date and him. “Things would have been drastically different if he had heard the bearded guy in the back of the club get a big laugh from his buddies when he said, Why-oh-why is a honeypot like that sitting with a nigger?”(pg.50). This quote shows how Andre was unaware of the fact that some guys were making racist remarks about him and his date because they were of different races.