My Brother

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When you have your brother who is living with you for years, you have so many memories of him that they tend to overlap, which have happiness and sadness. It is extremely difficult to single out one or two of his characters that you want to describe him, impossible to remember any that exemplify the whole.]

Because my home was small, we did many things in the living room. I was fascinated with playing the piano. Once while I was practicing, my brother turned on the television loudly behind me so that I couldn ¡ ¦t stand it and stopped playing. He would turn on the TV whenever he wanted even during the evening which was the only time I could play the piano in the day.

When we have family occasions ¡Xperhaps a relative ¡ ¦s weeding or a New Year ¡ ¦s party ¡Xmy brother always stay home because he doesn ¡ ¦t like going out. Sometimes our friends asked why he didn ¡ ¦t show up. Though we couldn ¡ ¦t find a reason, we generally made one up. Our friends and relatives seldom, maybe never, see my brother.

The telephone rings. My brother, sitting adjacent to it, looks at the caller ID, and if he finds out the call is not for him, he will let the phone ring until one of the other family members picks it up. Occ

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