The Odyssey

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According to the dictionary, the definition of a hero is a person who exhibits courage, unselfishness, and great strength. "The Odyssey", written by the blind poet Homer, is the story of Odysseus and his journey back home to Ithaca. Odysseus's journey involves gods and goddesses, friends and foes, each with their own characteristics and personalities. He battled with Poseidon and got past Scylla, but risked the lives of others to reach his goal. In the Odyssey, Odysseus does not exemplify the concept of a modern hero. A hero should be someone who is unselfish, not full of themselves, and faithful.

Odysseus was willing to endanger the lives of other in order to fulfill his own desires. For example, when Circe explained to Odysseus the fact that he had to go to Hades, he did not care that the sailors didn't want to risk going there. Instead he made them go any

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