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Age Bias

            Most people relate elderly people with how they are a nuisance. They walk the mall trails and get in our way as we try to make it down the aisle, they drive their cars 15 MPH slower than the speed limit in the fast lane, they have irritatingly slow speech and endless stories which bore us half to death. Age bias is prevalent in today’s society. Two examples of this is the way elderly are portrayed in the media and treated in public. It is easily noticeable once made aware of the fact. Old people are depicted in the media almost as if the older you are the less value you have as a human being. Preconceived notions the American public has about the elderly’s mental, physical health and capabilities perpetuate these negative stereotypes. .
             Newspapers and magazines should be objective and most articles were neutral. There are magazines that are made specifically for the elderly with articles that would be of interest to them, but most mainstream magazines try to focus their articles towards younger readers. I think most of that is because they are seen as consumers, where I don’t think the elderly are. The most glaring bias was the ads in the magazines. Most the ads for prescription drugs had a smiling older person. Most of the magazines I noticed probably wouldn’t be of much interest to the elderly. I think most magazines are either geared towards teens, housewives or the working class. I didn’t see the elderly getting much attention.
             The elderly are also treated different in public. I think most people show respect for the elderly though. As I said, I think most people in their mind see old people as stereotypical annoyances, but I don’t think it is conveyed in their actions. Most people are willing to accommodate an older person if need be. It’s also one way they are treated differently though. Younger people don’t see such assistance, but there’s not as much need.