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Disneyland: A Place for Family Fun or a Scheme to Make Money

            We all know that Disneyland is a place for fun in sunny Anaheim, California and .
             it opened on July 17, 1955 but a lot of what Disneyland deals with is all about money. .
             No wonder souvenir items are so expensive. Kids beg their parents to go to Disneyland .
             and then they end up spending a ton load of money. Luckily, I’ve never been to .
             Disneyland to experience this.
             Walt Disney felt that he could build an amusement park that parents could have .
             fun together and that Disneyland was to be a place where “people can experience some of .
             the wonders of life, of adventure, and feel better because of it (Lipsitz 212).” He built .
             Disneyland on what his two daughters wanted by taking them to other amusement parks .
             and see if they liked that park. Since he built it for his two girls I would say Disneyland .
             is more of a children’s park.
             Now a lot of what the park deals with is money. On the day Disneyland opened a .
             disappointed critic described Disneyland as being “like a giant cash register, clicking and .
             clanging, as creatures of Disney magic came tumbling down from their lofty places in my .
             daydreams to peddle and perish their charms with the aggressiveness of so many curbside .
             barkers (Lipsitz 210).” After being just open ten years Disneyland earned $273 million .
             for the Disney Corporation (Lipsitz 210). .
             If networks would help finance Disneyland Disney would make a weekly .
             television series and ABC agreed to invest $500,000 and to guarantee loans up to $4.5 .
             million for Disneyland in return for one-third of the ownership (Lipsitz 214). Later on in .
             1960 Disney bought back the one-third for $7.5 million (Lipsitz 217) . .
             Disney also got 32 major corporations to run the concession stands (Lipsitz 215). .
             Disney did not like to use the television because the television would show everything in .
             black and white but his park was vivid in color (Lipsitz 215). Even though he did not .