Spam: The Stuff We REALLY Evolved From

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Spam: a peculiar substance that became popular during WWII shortly after George A. Hormel manufactured it in 1937. During the war, the scarcity of money prevailed as a big problem to feed the thousands of soldiers that had been stationed in many different countries around the world. Spam especially became popular in Hawaii. Hawaii is the leading consumer in the world with an estimate of 4,300,000 cans sold annually. Everyone loves Spam! Spam is sold in 99% of all American grocery stores. In the United States, 3.8 cans of Spam luncheon meat are consumed every second by 60 million Americans! This is equal to 228 cans per minute and 13,680 per hour!

This year is Spam's 60th anniversary and we must celebrate. There are many different ways to celebrate and prepare America's favorite food. Spam luncheon meat is the focus of several community celebrations. It Austin, Texas a Spamorama cookoff, founded in 1974, is staged each year. In Hawaii, a Maui Ma

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