King Arthur’s Leadership Qualities

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King Arthur's Leadership Qualities

I believe that the Wart has the qualities to be an effective ruler. He is brave, respectful, and very clever. These qualities are very important for a ruler. Since the Wart is brave he will be able to overcome many challenges and lead his people in battle without fear. It is very important that the Wart is respectful because if he treats other rulers, nobles, and even common folk with respect they will respect him. His cleverness will help him when dealing with other rulers. The Wart would be an excellent ruler.

The Wart is a very brave person. Throughout the book he faced many challenges and overcame them. You can see just how brave he is when he rescues Dog Boy and Wat from Morgan le Fay's castle. He and Kay went into the castle all by themselves against a very powerful woman. The Wart killed Morgan le Fay with the knife Robin Wood gave him and rescued Dog Boy and Wat

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