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Personal Response to Romeo And Juliet

When I finished reading Act I scene V it was clear to me that Romeo and Juliet truly like each other, maybe even in love, but on the other hand I did have some doubts seeing that Romeo was in love with Rosaline just a couple of hours ago, and suddenly changed his mind about her right after he saw Juliet. That makes me wonder was Romeo really in love with Rosaline, and does he have the same thing for Juliet.

But than again, when you listen to the Romeo's conversation with Juliet you start to get an impression that those guys have known each other for decades and now they've reunited again.

Romeo compares Juliet to, "a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear" when he first sees her. That is really romantic sounds like they're in love, but are they really?

From the fifth scene we can see that Romeo is a religious person the lover's share a sonnet which uses imagery of saints and pilgrims. It means that he is using a sacrilegious sonnet, for Juliet becomes a saint to be kissed and Romeo a holy traveler. That part of their conversation really got me confused, because I could not understand why are they talking like that.

Because this play is dramatic something always gets in between the lovers like in this scene Romeo finds Juliet and touches her hand. They speak in sonnet form to one another, and Romeo eventually gets to kiss her, seeing that he gets a kiss on a "first date  shows that they both like each other very much and this thing might go somewhere but obviously its not there yet. A little later, Juliet is forced to go see her mother. The Nurse tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet, at which he is startled. And when Juliet finds that Romeo is the only son of the lord Montague Juliet is heart-broken that she loves a "loathed enemy"-how ironic.

I'm not quite sure that Romeo and Juliet are in love just yet, but I can tell from this scene that they really like each other. So my answer to "Has

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