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The Effects of Spanking as a Form of Disipline

            The issue of spanking as a form of discipline has come under harsh scrutiny in the past decade when physical discipline in some schools was still taking place. The debate took on a personal tone when one was confronted as to what their own beliefs were. Many studies have been done on the effects of spanking and other forms of physical discipline on children. These studies focus on a broad context of issues that are crucial in providing a better understanding of this topic. Other factors such as genetics, environment, parent- child relationships, and the severity of the punishment must all be considered when making a general hypothesis about this controversial topic. .
             Upon first mention of the spanking issue, most people initially refer to their personal experiences from childhood. Beyond the automatic recollection of how they felt about the experience, it is important to evaluate how it shaped their development. In most cases, people do not remember their experiences with spanking as positive. Individual responses differ according to the severity and the how often physical discipline was enforced. It is from these past experiences that we often draw our own conclusions regarding spanking. By considering its long term affects, either positive or negative, most people then determine their stand on this issue based on how it affected them.
             Since there is no universal standard on how spanking should be done, there is a fine line between discipline and physical abuse that raises many questions. How much is .
             too much? In what context should it be used? Is there a cutoff age when other forms of discipline should be applied? How often can it occur before it is considered abuse?.
             These are just some important questions that many people, along with myself have about this issue that are hard to address due to differing personal beliefs.
             Based on evidence and my own beliefs, I believe spanking is not an acceptable form of discipline.