Gender, Race, Class, and Culture

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Gender, "Race , Class, and Culture

In the world today there are many social variables that define our personal history and determine how we live our lives. Such variables include gender, "race , class, and culture. Even though these variables are very important in determining a person's background, there are many other variables that contribute to our personal background. Gender, "race , culture, and class all help to determine our personal past and they also determine our future and the life we will live. In Gerda Lerner's Why History Matters, Lerner tells her life story and the struggles she has with her own identity. Lerner describes being a Jewish woman from a middle class family from Austria where she develops her own personality through many different struggles and experiences. Lerner tells stories of her hardships of being a Jewish female and her ultimate defection from her own heritage. Lerner's essay brings the reader into her own story, which allows the reader to identify with her and her own story. Throughout Lerner's life these social variables played a major factor in the type of person she is now and her own personal background. This paper will d

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