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1.) What would this story be like if the main character were of the oppdddosite sex?

If the character Macbeth was a woman and Lady Macbeth was the man, the story would change a lot. The man would be perceived as less of a man because of his inability to handle the deaths that were occurring. The woman would be considered strong for her ability to kill and stay sane. Their love would still be the same, stronger after the killings were done, but maybe the woman would be more in control in the relationship. All in all the story would be the same but the man would have the control over the woman and she would be doing his dirty work.

2.) Why is this story set where it is?

This story is set in the eleventh century and in various locations in Scotland. The story is set here because this is where the Monarchy system was set. The time setting was because that is when the Monarchy system was strong. The time also was when killing to get to the stop was very popular. Scotland was a Monarchy so setting it there would make sense since the story was based on Monarchy.

3.) If you were to film this story, what characters would you eliminate if you couldn't use them all?

I would take out the murderers who killed Macduff's

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