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Advantages and Disadvantages of Humanistic Perspective

             Three Advantages and Disadvantages of the Humanistic Perspective-
             The Humanistic Perspective is one that does not quite fit into any of the five major perspectives. It began with Abraham Maslow who believed that emphasis on unconsciousness was negative and pessimistic. He, along with others thought that this disregarded human resilience and the ability to be joyous. Maslow felt that the behavioral approach to psychology was too mechanistic and ˜mindless', ignoring that fact that different people have different dreams. Basically, the Humanistic Perspective says that people have free will and because of this they can be more than what the psychologists in other viewpoints expected.
             One of the major advantages of this point of view is that it makes the self the center of our understanding of behavior, therefore making it easy to understand. In short, people act a certain way because of how they feel view themselves. For example, why do people do certain things? Is it because of an ˜intrinsic' motivation to get something done because you want to, or an ˜extrinsic' inspiration because someone else wants you to? Another advantage of the Humanistic Perspective is that it tends to boost the self-image or self-esteem of others. If people can see that they really can be whatever they want when they grow up, it is going to push them to make their dreams a reality. If this happened our society would be more economical, intelligent, and driven-making our world a better place.
             Although this sounds great, there are some disadvantages to this standpoint. It cannot be scientifically tested to prove itself. How do you measure happiness when it is inevitable to have a horrible day? One of the advantages from the prior paragraph could be seen also as a disadvantage. Maybe an overly optimistic view of human nature isn't so good. Who is to say that we are not simply trucking towards self-actualization? If

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