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Music Hypothesis

My hypothesis is that regularly listening to music can make you smarter. I would have three groups of people in my experiment. I would use teenagers and young adults for this experiment. My control group would not listen to any music at all. Experiment Group 1 would listen to classical music. Experiment Group 2 would listen to modern pop/rock music. My dependent variable would be the tests that each participant would be taking. My independent variable would be the music that the participants in Groups 1 and 2 would be listening to. Before I began any monitoring I would have all the participants take a test of some form to set a standard. I would then have each person in Experiment Groups 1 and 2 listen to a set amount of music each day for an extended period of time. During this time period I would give testing to all three groups and note any improvement or changes in their test results as compared to the first test. I would also use impartial participants for administering the test taking. These people would not know why the people were being tested or what type of test results I would be looking for. My hopes and goals would be that Experiment Group 1 would over time show an average increase of improvement over the original test scores. Other than experimenting I could also use naturalistic methods of study as well. Some ways I could do this would be through taking surveys, case studies, and through correlational studies of other similar experiments.

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