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Culture Shock

             Living in different culture is not easy at times because of many
             reasons. First when visitors arrive at the host country with new culture they
             are excited and enjoyed. But after a certain amount of time, depends of
             capability to adjust to new culture, they start feeling frustrated and
             depressed due to problems. First talking and communicating with new
             people is not easy and convenient. When I arrived in United States, after a
             period of time, I found myself to be alone. I had some problems with
             English and communication with people. My background in English was
             not weak and I thought I wouldn't problem in America. But as soon as
             I arrived at the airport I couldn't understand even one word. Moreover I
             thought I could find job in United States right away due to my background.
             I went to the job agencies and gave them my resume. Even I couldn't talk
             with them and I start feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Or when I went to
             the shopping I failed to communicate with cashier. On the other hand
             knowing English isn't enough to talk to people and communicate with them.
             I need to know and accustom American culture. Feeling comfortable and
             relax with new culture needs long period of time. Visitors must socialize
             with people in host country. They need to study and investigate their culture
             and also they are supposed to be present in social activities.For example
             when I was at school and tried to join to a group of people, they were
             talking about something as they were laughing. After they stopped laughing,
             I start laughing. But I am not supposed to laugh. I felt very ashamed. Or
             when I encountered to people, they were talking about some national days
             in United States like thanks giving and independent day but I did not know
             about historical root and purposes of these days. I had nothing to say and

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