Issues and Challenges of integrating

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Issues and Challenges of integrating

With the advent of the 21st century, technology has become the driving force in the delivery of instruction to today's youth. Although information technology has become increasingly accessible resources for educators to use in their teaching activities, most teachers are still unable to integrate it in their teaching and learning processes.

This paper sets out to examine, through a sample of related studies on technology integration, the challenges of integrating technologies into instructional practices.

In the light of the review of the existing literature, suggestions to integrate instructional technologies into teaching and learning practices are provided, in order to enable educators to deliver effective teaching and to enhance overall professional productivity.

Over the past few years , the theme of integration of technology in teaching and learning , has popped up more than ever in technical reports , in professional journals , in scholarly publications , in doctoral dissertations and in conferences.

Integration technology in teaching and learning seems to have indeed become a natural norm.Although

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