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Diversification Strategy

             Diversification = Strategic Directions
             is strategy development beyond current products and markets but within the value system or industry in which the company operates.
             describes either backward or forward integration into adjacent activities in the value system.
             refers to development into activities which are concerned with the inputs into the company's current business, e.g. raw materials, machinery, labour, components manufacture.
             refers to development into activities which are concerned with a company's outputs, such as transport, distribution, repairs and servicing.
             is development into activities which are competitive with, or complementary to, a company's present activities.
             Reasons for related diversification:
             · Access to information (Car manufactures own credit services, car hire firms ¦to access information on customer preferences!
             · Spreading risk (Avoids over-reliance on one product or market, but builds on related experience)
             · Resource utilisation (Manufactures acquiring company for compatible products to fill capacity)
             · Parenting (So the corporate parent can understand business units
             Typically unrelated diversification is thought of as an organisation moving beyond its current value system or industry. So unrelatedness has tended to be defined in somewhat narrow terms: that is opportunities beyond the current product and market base of the organisation and outside the current industry (or value system).
             Reasons for unrelated diversification:
             · Exploiting underutilised resources and competences. (Farmers use fields for camp sit

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