On the Nonsense, Pun, and Sarcasm in

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On the Nonsense, Pun, and Sarcasm in

Alice ¡ ¦s Adventure in Wonderland

Alice ¡ ¦s Adventure in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll and first published in 1865, first told by word of mouth, to distract a little girl of seven (Alice Pleasaunce Liddell) and her two sisters, during a river picnic on a hot July day in the year 1862. Alice Pleasaunce Liddell, an enchantingly lovely child, drew the story from her devoted friend, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ( Lewis Carroll ¡ ¦s real name) when they paddled with her two sisters upstream from Oxford. The sun shone dazzlingly on the still water and ¡ §Alice grew restless, having nothing to do, and begged for a story ¡ ¥ with plenty of nonsense in it ¡ ¦, and so Charles Dodgson, began with the words which were to become famous all over the world ¡ (Carroll)1.

In Alice ¡ ¦s Adventure in Wonderland, Carroll uses a lot of nonsense, pun, and sarcasm that form this marvelous and well-known novel, which is not only for children but also for adults. In detail, the first part of this paper will discuss the nonsense in this book. Carroll is a person full of imagination and is good at playing the game of words. Therefore, we will be surprised at his i

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