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One thing in my life that I absolutely love is flying. Flying to me is a way to release all the emotions that have been building up inside from everyday living. When flying there are no boundaries or borders. The sky is the limit!

The plane I fly is a single prop fixed wing Cessna. The aircraft is brown, white, and yellow. Inside the plane has a brown interior. The compact space has two very uncomfortable bucket front seats, and an equally uncomfortable rear bench seat. The plane also has a spacious rear compartment for bags and such. The compartment can be gotten to from the inside or from an outside locking door. It travels at speeds that at first are mind boggling. To be going over a 150 miles an hour at points just isn't normal. After a few rides in this plane one can see why flying is a beautiful thing, and why I am so passionate about it.

Before flying the plane a preflight inspection is required. During this inspection you have to check every nut, bolt, and weld on the plane. Then you check the fuel tanks, which are located on top of the plane in the wings. Finally you check the brakes, tires, and landing gear. Now you're ready to take off! You then get in the plane and taxi to the runway. Before taking off another preflight inspection is done. This time you check the engines, flaps, lights, and radio. Then you give the plane full throttle, and soon enough your off.

The experience of flying is that of many feelings. It is hard for me to describe the things the body and mind goes through. While flying I tend to feel a wonderful sense of freedom, weightlessness, and pure joy for living. The joy of flight is something I try to pass to anyone brave enough to fly with me. For the hour or so I am up in the plane all my troubles get lost in the clouds. The hassles of every day living are gone. How anyone could not like this wonderful experience, is beyond me.

The plane is an essential part of everyday liv

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