Advantages and Disadvantages of Employing Part-time and Temp

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List and justify the advantages and disadvantages to an organisation of employing part-time and temporary workers

In this essay I will be discussing what, if any, are the advantages and disadvantages of employing part time and temporary workers in an organisation. I will have to justify my reasons and back them up with suitable sources to make sure I understand the topic given and that it defend my statements.

Factors that might affect weather or not the organisation employee's part time and temporary workers are the company size, structure of the company, and the company activities.

The structure of the business will determine how well the management can control and communicate with its employees, the style of management will determine the attitude taken by the manager towards the employees, and the culture of the business will determine the way of thinking of the whole workforce.

Part time and temporary work is were the responsibilities of a job can be decreased by giving an employee a smaller service area, fewer projects or where a section of the job can be split off and delegated to someone else. This differs from a job share in that there is less need for communication between the part time em

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