Analysis Paper-Bible Book of Matthew

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"[Matthew] its numerous references to the old testament indicates that it was primarily intended for those who were familiar with those scriptures, the Hebrew people (What you didn't know about the Bible p325) While it is interesting to note some possible intentions of the gospel it is also noteworthy to add the "this gospel does not name its author. However, from early church father, beginning with Papias, a pupil of John, onward. It has been accepted as the work of Matthew (Halley's Bible handbook p413) " ¦Matthew, also called Levi, who was a tax collector ¦ (The complete Jesus p221) Matthew's gospel is his recollection of Jesus' sermons and teaching as remembered some 75years later (75 AD) "Almost all of Mark's book is to be found reproduced, sometimes verbatim, by Matthew (approximately 600 verses out of 661f) (Messages of the Bible p71) The following sermon out of Matthew 6:5-33 discusses worry and Jesus' feelings toward it. It should additionally be said that "for Matthew, like all of the gospel writers, was much less interested in reporting events than presenting theology ¦ (who wrote the gospels p49) As you re

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